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The Department of Religious Studies examines religious beliefs, institutions and practices using approaches from the humanities, arts, social sciences and sciences. The academic study of religion, combined with appropriate courses in other fields, provides an excellent background for any professional career—including law, engineering, medicine and health care professions, journalism, social work and others—and for graduate studies in a number of fields.

A major in religious studies provides a well-rounded liberal arts education or can be combined conveniently with a second major. Minors or sequences in religious studies complement and broaden any field chosen as a major.


Is CWRU Too Secular?

Date posted: February 20th, 2015

Faculty of the Department of Religious Studies to discuss whether and to what degree CWRU is a secular institution and what role should religion play in higher education.
The panel will be held on Tuesday, February 24 from 12:00-1:00 pm in the Lobby of Tomlinson Hall.
Pizza, pastries and coffee will be provided. […Read more]

Je suis? Secular or Religious—the Debate Continues

Date posted: February 20th, 2015

Read Dr. Joy R. Bostic’s letter to the editor in the Observer Je Suis? Secular or Religious the Debate Continues.
  […Read more]

Je Suis: The Department of Religious Studies Faculty Discuss the Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Date posted: January 28th, 2015

On Friday, January 16, 2015 the faculty in the Department of Religious Studies hosted a panel to discuss the recent massacre at the newspaper Charlie Hebdo and the kosher market in Paris, France.  Read the article in The Observer, which features the Department of Religious Studies’ forum and interviews with faculty members Justine Howe and Jonathan Tan. […Read more]

Dr. Jonathan Tan to Join the Department of Religious in Spring 2015

Date posted: October 29th, 2014

Dr. Jonathan Tan will join the Department of Religious Studies as the Archbishop Paul Hallinan Chair in Catholic Studies in Spring 2015. Dr. Tan will offer a full array of courses in global Catholicism.  These will provide electives as well as additional course options for students wishing to pursue a major or minor in Religious Studies. […Read more]

New website, technology-enhanced classroom help reinvent Bible course

Date posted: October 8th, 2014 […Read more]


Master of Arts in Religious Studies applications

Applications for the Master of Arts Program in Religious Studies are now being accepted.