ENGL 365N/365NC/ETHS 365: Topics in African American Literature-Thrity Umrigar (TBA)

ETHS/HSTY 252A: Introduction to African American Studies- Joy R. Bostic (Tu 4:00-6:30)

ETHS 295/FRCH 295: The Francophone World- Gilbert Doho ( MW 12:45-2:00)

HSTY 393/ETHS 393: Advanced Readings in the History of Race- John Flores (Th 4:00-6:30)

MUGN 212: History of Rock and Roll- Staff (MW 4:50-6:05 and MWF 11:40-12:30)

MUHI 315: History of Jazz and American Popular Music- Paul Ferguson (Tu/Th 10:00-11:15)

SOCI 202: Race and Ethnic Minorities in the United States- Mary Erdmans (Tu/Th 1:00-2:15)

SOCI 366: Racial Inequality and Mass Imprisonment in the US- Timothy Black (Tu/Th 2:30-3:45)

SOCI 355: Special Topics: Racial Inequality- Cassi Pittman (MW 3:20-4:35)

RLGN 278: Religion and Pop Culture: Hip Hop: KRS-One to Janelle Monaé- Joy R. Bostic (Th 4:00-6:30)



For more Information: Please contact Prof. Joy R. Bostic at 216-368-2382 or joy.bostic@case.edu OR go to http://religion.case.edu/undergraduate-programs/minor-in-african-and-african-american-studies/