RLGN/ETHS 153/CHIN 253: Introducing Chinese Religions- Jonathan Tan (Tu/Th 10:00-11:15)

RLGN  172: Introducing Islam- Justine Howe (Tu/TH2:30-3:45)

RLGN  201: Interpreting Religion: Approaches and Current Issues- Timothy K. Beal (W 4:25-6:55)

RLGN  278: Religion and Popular Culture: Hip Hop Religion from KRS-One to Janelle Monaé- Joy R. Bostic (Th 4:00-6:30)

RLGN  345/445: Religion and Horror- Timothy K. Beal (Tu 4:00-6:30)

RLGN /ANTH 372/ANTH 472: Anthropological Approaches to Religion- Justine Howe (Tu/Th11:30-12:45)