AFST/SOCI 202: Race and Ethnic Minorities in The United States- Staff- MWF 11:40-12:30-Web/Distance Learning

AFST/MUGN 212: History of Rock and Roll- Aaron McPeck/Kelli Minelli- MW 4:50-6:05- Web/Distance Learning

AFST/HSTY/ETHS 258: History of Southern AfricaJonathan Sadowsky– MTWThF 9:00-11:20- Web/Distance Learning*

AFST/FRCH/ETHS/WLIT 295: The Francophone World- Gilbert Doho- TR 11:30-12:45- Web/Distance Learning

HSTY/ETHS 252A: Introduction to African-American Studies-Noel Voltz- MTWThF 1:00-3:20-Web/Distance Learning*

POSC 389: Race, Immigration and American Political Development- Girma Parris- MW 12:45-2:00- Web/Distance Learning

THTR  336: Concepts of Race within African American Plays- Heather Burton-Tu 4:00-6:30- Web/Distance Learning


*January Term


For more Information: Please contact Prof. Heather Burton at 216-368-0086 or , or Prof. Cassi Claytor at 216-368-2698 or OR go to