RLGN 201: Interpreting Religion: Approaches and Current Issues-Jonathan Tan- Web/Distance Learning

RLGN 209: Introduction to Biblical Literature- Allan Georgia-Web/Distance Learning

RLGN 216: Hinduism: Deepak Sarma-TR-1:00-2:15

RLGN 218: Faith and Politics in Islam-Ramez Islambouli- Th 4:00-6:30-Web/Distance Learning

RLGN/HSTY/ETHS 228: Asian Americans: Histories, Cultures, Religions- Jonathan Tan- Web/Distance Learning

RLGN/ETHS 243:Bollywood and Social Justice: Contemporary Bollywood Movies with a Social Message- Deepak Sarma-MTWTHF 9:00-11:20*

RLGN/ETHS 251: Perspectives in Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Gender-Gilbert Doho- TR 1:00-2:15- Web/Distance Learning

RLGN/HSTY/JDST/ETHS 254: The Holocaust- Jay Geller- TR 11:30-12:45-Web/Distance Learning

RLGN/JDST/WGST 268: Women in the Bible: Ethnographic Approaches to Rite and Ritual, Story, Song, and Art-Judith Neulander- TR 1:00-2:15

RLGN/ENGL/HSTY/PHIL 270/SOCI/WGST 201: Intro to Gender Studies- Justine Howe- MTWTHF 1:00-3:20-Web/Distance Learning*

RLGN 312: The Mythical Trickster-Judith Neulander- TR- 10:00-11:15

RLGN/HSTY 373: History of the Early Church: First Through Fourth Centuries-Elizabeth Todd- MW 12:45-2:00

RLGN 399: Major/Minor Seminar-Justine Howe- W 3:20-5:50- Web/Distance Learning


*January Term