Honors Thesis and Departmental Honors in Religious Studies


Majors who have an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher and a GPA of 3.5 or higher in Religious Studies courses may opt to do an Honors Thesis instead of RLGN 399. Ideally, the thesis project will take two semesters: RLGN 394 Honors Research I, focusing on research and preparation of a prospectus, and RLGN 395 Honors Research II, focusing on writing and defending the thesis. Students may, however, opt to undertake the entire thesis in one semester, in which case they will register only for RLGN 395. Whether the thesis takes two semesters or one, the student must submit a thesis prospectus (on which see below) to the thesis advisor before beginning RLGN 395.


Departmental honors are awarded upon completion and satisfactory defense of the senior project before a faculty committee, provided that the required grade point averages are maintained.


If you meet the GPA requirements and wish to do an Honors Thesis, you are encouraged to contact the professor with whom you wish to work about serving as your thesis advisor. Discuss your research interests and thesis ideas with that professor and, if agreeable to both of you, begin making a plan and schedule for your work. Then proceed to register for the appropriate course number with that professor. Remember: if you are undertaking a single-semester thesis, you must submit a thesis prospectus before beginning RLGN 395.


Guidlines and Templates (click to download)