The Department of Religious Studies examines religious beliefs, institutions and practices using approaches from the humanities, arts, social sciences and sciences. The academic study of religion, combined with appropriate courses in other fields, provides an excellent background for any professional career—including law, engineering, medicine and health care professions, journalism, social work and others—and for graduate studies in a number of fields.

A major in religious studies provides a well-rounded liberal arts education or can be combined conveniently with a second major. Minors or sequences in religious studies complement and broaden any field chosen as a major.

“Making Sense of Trauma: Israel’s Black Sabath and its Aftermath” Dr. Alanna Cooper lecture and reception

Wednesday, May 1st 2024

12pm – 1:30pm

UPDATE: Dively Room 213

This lecture by Dr. Alanna Cooper analyzes the cultural work born out of the trauma experienced by Israel’s citizens on October 7. Research explores the existential patterns Israelis seek to make sense of their wounds, as well as the ways in which they assemble a set of hopes and fears for how they might be healed.

Free to attend and open to all members of the Case Western Reserve University community.
Refreshments are to follow.

Dr. Jonathan Tan quoted in USA Today

USA Today’s latest article, “Share of US Catholics backing legal abortion rises as adherents remain at odds with church” (USA Today, April 20, 2024) on the changing demographics of the US Catholic Church, features insight from Dr. Jonathan Tan

Read the full article here

Keynote: Dr. Jonathan Tan

Prayer in Hostage Square – a feature by Dr. Alanna Cooper

During a recent visit to Israel, Dr. Cooper had the privilege to meet Rabbi Anat Sharbat, whose spiritual work in Hostage Square inspired her to write the article, “Hostages Square in Tel Aviv is one of the most religiously diverse synagogues.” Amid war, grief, fear and pain, Rabbi Sharbat and others have found creative and uplifting ways to connect to each other and find some solace.


Fulfill your Gen Ed Requirements with Religious Studies

Registration for Fall ’24 has begun and the competition is fierce! Finding the right course for you to satisfy your UGER can be a challenge in this currently changing system. Religious Studies, along with the Jewish Studies program and Minor in Africana Studies, have a wide variety of courses suited for your needs!

Click here for the full list of courses offered as RLGN, JDST, and AFST that satisfy UGER – courses with open seats for Fall ’24 are highlighted in blue

Alumni Spotlight – Liz Hanna

Introducing the Religious Studies Alumni Spotlight, where we celebrate the diverse successes and outstanding talent that define our alumni community.

This edition focuses on Liz Hanna, a 2020 CWRU alumna and Religious Studies minor, who has navigated her post-graduate journey with exceptional accomplishments.