William Deal

Severance Professor Emeritus in the History of Religion; Professor in the Department of Cognitive Science

Professor Emeritus in the Department of Religious Studies, Professor of Cognitive Science, and served for several years as Director of CWRU’s Asian Studies Program. He was the founding Director of the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence. Dr. Deal received an A.B. in religion (magna cum laude) and an A.M. in Asian studies from Washington University in St. Louis. He received his Ph.D. in religion from Harvard University in 1988.

At CWRU, Dr. Deal taught courses that focus on theory and interpretation in the academic study of religion, religion and cognitive science, comparative religious ethics, and East Asian religious and ethical traditions. His scholarship includes numerous articles, chapters, and book reviews on methodology in the academic study of religion, religion and ethics, and Japanese Buddhism. He is co-author of the book Theory for Religious Studies (Routledge) and author of Handbook to Life in Medieval and Early Modern Japan (Oxford University Press).