Our major program in Religious Studies is designed around three main learning objectives: (a) to provide solid grounding in the theories, methods, and critical questions of academic religious studies; (b) to ensure a depth and breadth of understanding in a diverse range of religious traditions; and (c) to enable students to pursue a particular focus at an advanced level. The requirements for the major are as follows:

1. RLGN 101 Religion and Culture (3 credit hours)

2. RLGN 201 Interpreting Religion: Approaches and Current Issues (3 credit hours)

3. SEVEN ELECTIVES (21 credit hours), including at least three 300-level courses, to be determined in consultation with one’s Religious Studies advisor. Up to six elective credit hours may be taken outside the program (i.e., up to two non-RLGN courses), provided that they relate to the major and are approved by your Religious Studies advisor.

4. CAPSTONE EXPERIENCE (3 credit hours): 

RLGN 399 Major/Minor Seminar


RLGN 395 Honors Research II (to learn more about this option, go to Honors Thesis and Departmental Honors)

We encourage you to talk with one of the professors in Religious Studies about the major. We are always happy to learn more about your interests and to explore how this fascinating academic field could be a fit for you!