***NEW *** Major Requirements (effective Fall 2016)

Religious Studies majors are required to take at least 30 credits, including the following:

Two sections (6 credits) of RLGN 150-numbered courses (151, 152, 153, 154, 155).

RLGN 151 Introducing African Religions

RLGN 152 Introducing Buddhism

RLGN 153 Introducing Chinese Religions (cross-listed as ETHS 153 Introducing Chinese Religions)

RLGN 154 Introducing Hinduism

RLGN 155 Introducing Jainism

Two sections (6 credits) of RLGN 170-numbered courses (171, 172, 173)

RLGN 171 Introducing Christianity

RLGN 172 Introducing Islam

RLGN 173 Introducing Judaism (cross-listed as JDST 173 Introducing Judaism)

RLGN 201 Interpreting Religion (3 credits) *

Either RLGN 399 Major/Minor Seminar or RLGN 395 Honors Thesis (3 credits)

Four electives, with at least two being 300-level (12 credits; RLGN 394, a prerequisite for 395, may count) **

* RLGN 201, Interpreting Religion: Approaches and Current Issues, focuses on the history and development of the field of academic religious studies, canonical theories and methodologies, and current academic approaches, issues, and debates. This course replaces the former RLGN 299.

** Subsequent course selections (totaling 12 credit hours) will be determined in consultation with the student’s major advisor and should display some diversity in themes and topics. Up to six of these credit hours may be taken outside the Department of Religious Studies, provided that the courses relate to the overall character of the major.


Students majoring in Religious Studies pre-fall 2016, please refer to the requirements listed here.