RLGN 101: Religion and Culture- Jue Liang- TR 10:00-11:15

RLGN 172:  Introducing Islam- Ramez Islambouli- R 4:00-6:30

RLGN 206: Religion and Ecology- Timothy Beal- R 4:00-6:30

RLGN 216: Hinduism- Deepak Sarma- TR 1:00-2:15

RLGN/ARTH/JDST 220: Jewish Art and Architecture – Alanna Cooper- MW 3:20-4:35

*RLGN 236: Religion and the Internet: Digitizing the Sacred- Alanna Cooper- MW 12:45-2:00

RLGN 242: World Christianity- Jonathan Tan- T 4:00-6:30

**RLGN/ETHS/WGST 243: Bollywood, Social Justice, Gender and Sexuality: Contemporary Bollywood Movies with a Social Message- Deepak Sarma- TR 11:30-12:45

RLGN/ASIA 244: Ghosts, Zombies, and Monsters: What We Fear and Loathe in Religions- Jue Liang TR 1:00-2:15

RLGN/PHIL 253/CHIN/ETHS 253C: Religion and Philosophy in China- Jonathan Tan- TR 10:00-11:15

*RLGN/ARAB/ETHS/HBRW 303/SPAN 301: Multicultural Spain: Christian, Jewish and Muslim Coexistence- Ramez Islambouli- TBA

JDST/WLIT 310: Tel Aviv-Jaffa-Jerusalem and the Israeli Cultural Imaginary- Barbara Mann- MW 12:45-2:00

RLGN/HSTY 319: The Crusades- Maysan Haydar- M 5:30-8:00

RLGN/HSTY/JDST 371: Jews Under Christianity and Islam- Jay Geller- MW 12:45-2:00


*pending; not yet available on SIS
**pending title and cross listing updates: available on SIS