The Minor in African and African American Studies (AFST) provides students with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary academic program that focuses on 1) critical theories on race 2) African and African diasporic history, culture and literature and 3) the religious, political, and social dimensions of Black life. The program examines subject matter related to African contexts (both the historical study of such contexts and the study of current populations), as well as African diasporic cultures (including historic and contemporary migrations), with a focus on the African diasporic presence in the Americas. Thus, courses offered in the AFST minor address the experience of African Americans but also more broadly explore the global Black experience and its relationship to Black life in the Americas.


Minor Requirements (15 total credits required)

1. Introductory Course: ETHS/HSTY 252A—Introduction to African American Studies (3 credits)


ONE course from EACH of the following three domains:

2. History (3 credits)

3. Culture, Literature, and Religious Life (3 credits)

4. Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 credits)


And ONE elective:

5. Elective (one additional course selected from one of the three above domains: History; Culture, Literature, and Religious Life; or Social and Behavioral Sciences)


*Please note that no more than six (6) credit hours may overlap between this minor and requirements for another minor.