RLGN 173: Introducing Judaism- Alanna Cooper- MW 12:45-2:00

RLGN 201:  Interpreting Religion: Approaches and Current Issues- Brian Clites, Alanna Cooper- MW 3:20-4:35

RLGN 217: Buddhism- Jue Liang- TR 11:30-12:45

RLGN 218: Faith and Politics in Islam- Ramez Islambouli- R 4:00-6:30

RLGN/PHIL 221: Indian Philosophy- Deepak Sarma- TR 11:30-12:45

RLGN/ETHS/HSTY 228: Asian Americans: Histories, Cultures, Religions- Jonathan Tan- T 4:00-6:30

RLGN/ASIA/ENGL 241: Translating Religion- Jue Liang- TR 2:30-3:45

RLGN/WGST 242: World Christianity- Jonathan Tan- TR 10:00-11:15

RLGN/COGS/ENGL/HUMN 250: Responsible AI: Cultivating a Just and Sustainable Socio-technical Future through Data Citizenship- Timothy Beal- R 4:00-6:30

RLGN/ENGL/HSTY/PHIL 270/SOCI/WGST 201: Introduction to Gender Studies- Hannah Regan– MW 12:45-2:00

RLGN 271: Vedanta: An introduction to Hindu Philosophy- Deepak Sarma- TR 1:00-2:15

RLGN/ARTH 305/RLGN/ARTH 405: Embodied Religion and Mixed Reality- Justine Howe, Maggie Popkin- T 1:00-3:30

RLGN/JAPN/WLIT 341: Power of Words: Ritual Uses of Premodern Japanese Literature- Beth Carter- TR 11:30-12:45

RLGN/HSTY 373: History of Early Christianities: First-Fourth Centuries CE- Elizabeth Todd- TR 10:00-11:15

RLGN 399: Major/Minor Seminar- Brian Clites- W 5:30-8:00